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From banners to flyers, if you need creative services then you need MarketingModo

If Your Municipality Needs Digital Services, you need MarketingModo

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If you are the municipal manager or administrative of a city, town or borough looking for someone to take your online marketing and web design to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Online marketing and web design isn’t just for businesses anymore. Small towns and cities are recognizing the fact that they need to be online. That is where we come in. From branding and website design and development to online event marketing and creative services, MarketingModo offers town and city officials the tools they need to get their municipality established online and maximize the use of the digital world to push awareness of the town and its events. Better yet, we won’t charge you and arm and a leg to do so.

Why do you need to be online? It is a question we often hear from municipal clients. Economic development, community engagement, increased population, more tax dollars in the municipal coffers – these are just some of the reasons why your municipality needs to be online.

Our approach to digital marketing and web design is tailored based on your goals and your budget. We understand the importance of keeping up with current Internet Marketing trends and sharing that knowledge with the companies that we work with.

Check out our FAQs to learn more about MarketingModo, how we are different from the competition and what makes us totally awesome!

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Why Does My Town Need To Be Online?

Growth. Being online increases awareness of your town or city. Increased awareness of your community as well as the events it holds can mean many things from businesses locating to your area which improves economic development, new residents moving in which increases your tax base, increase in visits to your community events and by using online forms and FAQs you are saving your administrative staff and residents time from having to call and ask/answer questions and from dropping off hard copy forms at the office.

What kind of services do you provide municipalities?

MarketingModo provides it all including municipal branding, web design, site redesigns, social media, creative services and even website maintenance so you can focus on administering your municipality and not on adding an update to the site.

What are your prices?

At MarketingModo, we like to work around your budget. Unlike many digital agencies that will charge you enormous sums for a website we will take your budget into consideration when developing a quote for you. We pride ourselves on being able to offer solutions for every budget.

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