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Need Marketing & Web Analytics but don’t have an analyst? MarketingModo is at your service. Our team of professional marketing and web analysts will provide you the reporting and insights you need to optimize your business. Though we primarily work with Google Analtics we also work with analytic solutions such as Adobe SiteCatalyst, CoreMetrics & More!

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What is KPI & Analytics Reporting?

The importance of having actionable data and reporting is unquestionable. Good reporting allows you to optimize your marketing efforts as well as optimize your website for greater conversions. Most small business face two problems in regards to their data analytics and reporting. First, if the organization has an analytical solution set up more often than not it isn’t set up properly which results in you receiving misleading data. Second, most businesses and organizations do not have a dedicated analyst to look at the numbers and to provide insightful meanings and analysis. This leads to the wrong action items being taken as well as subjective interpretations. Proper reporting of your key performance indicators is crucial to the growth of your business.

Why Do You Need Analytics Reporting?

Do you want to risk your organization or business on faulty data? Most businesses lack the expertise to analyze their marketing and web data. The growth of your business depends on good KP reporting which allows you to make the right decision in optimizing your marketing channels, improving the conversion and performance metrics on your website, knowing which products to discontinue and which products to add to your product mix. Making the wrong decision in these areas can bring considerable risk to your business and its long-term growth. Having no data is bad enough, having bad data or interpreting it incorrectly is even worse. The good news is that the marketing and web analysts at MarketingModo are here to help.

Why Hire Us As Your Analytics Team?

Marketing and web analytics are complex and ever changing and most small business owners lack the time, expertise and tools required to review their data and create actionable action items from it.

Hiring a full time marketing analyst to manage your analytics and provide reporting will cost you at least $2,500 per month (and that’s at a junior level and is not counting benefits, computer, and programs required!). For the average small business investing in KPI reporting and analytics, it’s far more cost effective to outsource analytics reporting.

Our Reporting Process

First we will have a kickoff meeting in which we will discuss the analytics solution you are currently using, ensuring it is set up correctly as well as learning about your business and its goals and KPIs. Once we have an understanding of what KPIs are important to you and what kind of reports you would like to see and how often you would like to receive them, our dedicated team of analysts will get started in reviewing your data and providing some crucial action items for your business based on the data.

What Makes MarketingModo Different

At MarketingModo we offer a dedicated team of analysts that will take 100% ownership of your reporting requirements. All of our analysts are Google Analytics certified and have extensive statistical and analytical backgrounds. We treat your business as though it were our own. That is why we consider ourselves your partner in KPI and analytics reporting instead of just another vendor. Why hire a single analyst with limited experience when we can offer a more cost-effective team of analysts with over 10 years of experience in marketing and web analytics.

We strive to provide superior service by offering the following to all our analytics clients:

  • A dedicated Account Manager, someone that understands business and your reporting requirements, to be your guide
  • Detailed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly analytics reports (you can actually understand) that connect performance to your bottom line.
  • A support team of Google-certified analysts
  • Affordable analytics packages tailored to your budget. KPI reporting and analytics shouldn’t just be available to businesses with large budgets. At MarketingModo we are all about the underdog!

MarketingModo has the expertise you need to grow your business via analytics and reporting. Contact Us Today!

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