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Need help setting up your Google Analytics Account? For someone unfamiliar with Google Analytics setting up your account can be intimidating and setting it up wrong can cause your data to be missing or worse. Let the Google Analytics experts at MarketingModo set up your Analytics Account so you can rest assured that it was set up correctly. MarketingModo is your partner in analytics success!

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Why Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a standard bearer in the world of analytics. Between its free Google Analytics Dashboard and Search Console for SEO, Google provides you with all the tools you need to monitor your data and grow your business. The team at MarketingModo is Google-Certified and will have your account set up on Google Analytics and/or Search Console fast and correctly.

Do You Work With Other Analytics Platforms?

Absolutely. We work with a number of analytical platforms including Adobe SiteCatalyst, Kissmetrics and Coremetrics. Though most of those solutions, being that they are paid solutions, often come with their own onboarding and setup processes, most of our clients need help setting up their accounts on the Google analytical platforms.

Why Hire An Analytics Agency Instead Of Using a freelancer or Setting It Up Yourselves?

You can certainly do all of the above but most of our clients like the reassurance that their analytics account was setup properly and that all the conversions/goals have been set up, internal IPs blocked and that they are getting the data they need to drive the business forward. Doing it yourself may end up with your setup being doing incorrectly, all it takes is one mistake to throw off your entire data set or to throw an error preventing you from seeing any data at all. Using a freelancer carries the same risk in addition to the fact that a freelancer won’t take the time to get to know your business and its goals and KPIs. They’ll usually just set up your account and leave you to handle the goals, also who would you turn to if you need extra help? MarketingModo offers Google-certified analytics experts who will have your account up and running in no time.

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