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Tired of plugin, theme, content and WordPress updates taking up your valuable time?  Terrified an update will lead to the “white screen of death”? Know website security is important but just don’t have the time to manage the day to day? Website maintenance services from MarketingModo allows you to focus on running and growing your business while leaving all the updates to us. We will handle everything from plugin updates on WordPress to content updates, site security and more. MarketingModo is your partner in managing your website.

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Website Maintenance Services

The number one reason why a business does not have a website is because of maintenance. Small business owners simply do not have the time to update plugins, update themes, update the platform that makes up their CMS. They don’t have the time to run site security checks, enforcing good security protocols. Rarely will they even have time to update content which leads to an outdated site that is only half working and extremely vulnerable to hackers looking to exploit any weakness you provide them. At MarketingModo, we get it. Maintaining your site is time consuming and it can be difficult. Update the wrong plugin and your entire site can go down. Do you know how to fix that and are you really going to entrust your business’ website to a freelancer? What you need are the website maintenance services from MarketingModo.

Why Do You Need To Keep Your Site Updated?

Nothing puts a visitors to a website off more than a site that is out of date, lacking functionality or poses a security risk. Your business will be judged by its website. If your city has a website and it doens’t put up information about city events or city news, than what use is it. People won’t visit the site. If you are a business and you only have out of date information and old promotions on the site do you think visitors will be coming back any time soon? Probably not. We live in a digital age and if your site doesn’t meet the expectations of its visitors you will see your performance metrics drop. An outdated site can also hurt your business. A website with outdated plugins and themes are at greater risk for attacks by hackers. The state of modern site hacking is very advanced. In many cases you won’t even know you have been hacked but your professional and customer data will be at risk (Heck just look at what happened to Equifax). You want your customers pointing a finger at you for letting their data slip into the wrong hands. The hackers can also insert malicious code onto your site that you won’t find unless you are specifically looking for it and what this code does is insert itself into the content on your site and directs visitors to scammy adult, gambling or prescription drug websites. In our daily wanderings on the internet, the MarketingModo teams have found hundreds of sites that have been infected with this malicious code and probably have no clue they have been hacked. Malicious code particularly sucks because it can also show up in your meta description for a particular page which will have potential visitors steering as far away as possible from your site.

The MarketingModo Web Team will manage the day to day running of your website. From content updates (just tell us what you want added or updated – it can be a simple alert on your homepage to a sidebar banner to an entirely new page on the site) to theme and plugin updates to the latest in cybersecurity software, MarketingModo has your website maintenance needs covered.

Why Hire a Company to Manage Your Website?

When it comes to managing the day to day of your website, you have a few options. You can do it yourself – which for most business owners and leader there isn’t enough time in the day for doing what they need to do to grow the business never mind updating your contact form plugin on your WordPress site. You can hire a freelancer to manage your site – do you really want to rely on a freelancer to manage your site? Or you can hire an in-house webmaster – keep in mind that a webmaster will cost you at least $2,000 per month and that does not include benefits, hardware. software, etc. Your last option is to outsource your website management and maintenance to an outside vendor such as MarketingModo. This is by far the most cost-effective option as you only pay the maintenance fees. It saves you time since you don’t have to worry about making simple plugin or content updates on the site – just tell us what you want done and do on running your business. It also saves you the worry from having your website in the hands of a freelancer who can be hard to reach, whose skills may be questionable and whose loyalty is not to your organization. MarketingModo offers the peace of mind that your website is in the hands of the true expert and professional webmasters who have been used by a number of businesses and organizations to run their websites so they can focus on growing their businesses. Our affordable website maintenance solutions save your bottom line from being eaten by additional benefits, etc and we offer end to end website management solutions so we can grow with your businesses regardless if your site has 5 pages or 5000.

For these reasons, you need the MarketingModo Web Team.

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