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Need a mobile version of your website? Google and many other search engines have adopted a “mobile first” standard for websites yet many websites have yet to make the move to having a mobile version of their site. MarketingModo’s mobile website design services are a cost-effective way to take your website mobile with a custom responsive design. MarketingModo is your partner in mobile and responsive website design.

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Your Audience Is Expecting A Responsive Web Experience . Are You Providing It?

Did you know that 85% of all cell phones are smartphones? That means 85% of your customers can use their cell phone to learn more about your business and purchase your products and 57% of them would not recommend a business that had a poor mobile experience. Responsive websites allow visitors to view your website sized correctly across all computers, cell phones and tablet devices. They are scaled down websites that contain the basic information that a consumer would need about a business while on-the-go. These sites are designed to fit the screen of a smartphone or tablet easily in a layout that consumers can read without zooming in on the content. Less is more on mobile websites because mobile devices are not typically used for in depth research. We develop your site in four different sizes so it is always the correct size no matter what type of device your client uses. This makes it very easy to access your website and see all that your business has to owner.

Today’s mobile consumers expect, even demand, access to information and applications from anywhere using mobile devices. Taking a non-mobile site can be difficult but have no fear MarketingModo is here. Our team of expert mobile web designers will create a world-class mobile site design for your business that will not only give your business access to an ever increasing mobile market but also knock the socks off your mobile visitors!

Your website will be designed according to your business vision and goals, and will help to create a strong branding message by tying the look and feel together with your corporate logo and other marketing materials. Throughout the web design process, the objective is to create a lasting impression that will maximize your impact on the online world. MarketingModo has created websites for customers of all sizes and all budgets over a wide variety of industries. Our services are customizable according to your needs and budget.

Our Web Design Process

First you will be assigned a dedicated Project manager to oversee the entire project. They will kick off your mobile design project with a discovery meeting where will will get to know you, your budget, your business, its goals and objectives as well as some of the design elements you would like to see in your new website. We will also be looking at some of your competitor’s websites as well as websites you have indicated that you liked. With that information we will develop a proposal for you to approve.

Next, our web designers will put together a series of wireframes and mockups for your mobile site which we will share with you for initial feedback and which our developers will use to create a demo version of your new website that we will give you access to on our private servers so no one will see the new design expect you. Once you approve of the new design it is time to show the world! We will prepare to deploy and launch the new design for mobile and tablet visitors with little to no downtime for your site. We will work with you on determining the best time for site deployment.

Why Do You Need A Mobile Web Design Service?

Whether you are developing a new website from scratch and want the new site to be responsive to multiple devices or redesigning an existing site to include a mobile version, there are many things that you need to consider when developing a mobile website for your business or organization. including the following:

  • Is your code working properly – many websites will render incorrectly or throw site errors if a single character is missing from your code on the backend. Then there is the issue of code bloat – using too much and useless code which slows down your site. That is just for a desktop only site. Imagine what it is like when you have a responsive site that must adapt to multiple screen sizes.
  • How responsive do you want to be – There are many mobile devices out there and many have unique screen sizes that your size needs to be responsive to. Do you want a fully responsive site that will accommodate multiple devices or do you want it designed to the specifications of only the top devices out there?
  • Is your website is user-friendly – User experience (UX) is the most important thing for any website – mobile sites included. The user needs to navigate the site’s pages easily and find what they need quickly – usually within three clicks which is a best practice. The proper site structure is key to a great UX design. If 50% of your traffic if checking out your site on mobile the question you need to ask yourself is this – what is my UX experience like on mobile?
  • Does your website looks professional – No one will take your business or organization seriously if your website looks like it was stitched together in a minute or if it is just a big navigation menu that many cookiecutter mobile site apps provide. You want your site to look professional and reflect your business.
  • Is your website is optimized – Is your site optimized for mobile search? Mobile search is very different than standard SEO and requires specific expertise to optimize for it.

The MarketingModo Mobile Web Design and Development team will work with you to deliver a final product that you will be proud to share with your clients and customers. We make sure your site looks great on any screen, will give your visitors the best user experience possible, is secure from hackers and a site that will climb the ranks of the search engines and we will do it in as cost effective manner as possible!

Why Hire a Web Design Company to Do Your Mobile Website?

Most business owners do not have the time to dedicate towards designing and developing a responsive website meeting all these parameters. Most marketing teams don’t have the time to focus on a major mobile web design project which would take them away form their normal day to day activities. Most agencies and certainly most freelancers do not have the expertise to design you a mobile site that meets each of these crucial areas. They specialize in one discipline in the other and rarely overlap into others.

For these reason, you need the MarketingModo responsive web design and development team. Not only will we create a mobile website for you that hits each of these areas but we will delivery one to you that is easy to use and will even take over the day-to-day maintenance of the site for you should you chose.

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