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Too often marketing is view from a singular perspective. Usually it is the perspective of the business owner or marketing lead. This myopic view of marketing leads to shortsighted marketing strategies which hurts your business. Marketing Strategy and Consulting services from MarketingModo will help give you new perspectives on your marketing strategy. From strategy development and optimization of your existing strategy to brain picking sessions with our digital marketing experts, MarketingModo is your partner in marketing strategy.

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Our Marketing Strategy & Consulting Services:

Strategy Development

Strategy Optimization

Marketing Strategy Audit

Marketing Consulting

Why You Need A Marketing Strategy

The cornerstone of any business strategy is a compelling, effective, and cost efficient marketing strategy. Many businesses just starting out fail to develop a fully drawn out marketing plan while many established businesses fail to keep their marketing strategy updated as the competitive environment and the business itself changes. Both result in marketing strategies characterized by marketing channels that are not integrated, poor marketing vision, inefficient growth and scaling plans for the various various marketing channels being used and inefficient tracking and optimization. MarketingModo works with clients to understand their business objectives, market environment, and internal capabilities to form a fact-based and data-driven marketing strategy. We will work with you to determine the appropriate channels, message, and other factors to reach target customers and influence desired behavior. This way, we can develop and carry out the most effective digital marketing strategy for your business.


What Marketing Strategy and Consulting Services Do You Offer?

MarketingModo offers a full range of marketing consultation services including the following:

Marketing Strategy Development:

Starting a new business or organization and need a marketing strategy developed but don’t know where to start? MarketingModo is there to help. Our marketing consultants will work with you to understand your business, your audience and your goals to develop a 100% custom marketing strategy tailored to your specific business.

Marketing Strategy Optimization:

Already up and running but need your current marketing plan tweaked and optimized? MarketingModo has you covered. We will pour through your analytics to understand what has been working for your business and what hasn’t and develop a data-driven strategy optimization plan that will kick your marketing to the next level.

Marketing Audit:

Only need a marketing strategy checkup and not a new marketing strategy? No Problem! MarketingModo is your M.D – Marketing Doctor. Let our trained marketing experts take a peak at your current marketing strategy. We will identify any problems or areas of concern and provide solid recommendations on how to improve and ensure your marketing program is in the peak of health. Don’t forget – take two of these and call us in the morning!

Marketing Consultation:

Need a much more in-depth look at your strategy than what a strategy audit can provide? If so, our marketing consultation services are for you! For a set hourly rate our marketing experts will work with you to go through your marketing strategy with a fine tooth comb and provide highly detailed feedback and opportunities for optimization. With MarketingModo’s consultation services we are at your service whenever you need us whether you need us to look over your entire marketing strategy or a particular campaign.

MarketingModo is an award-winning Marketing Consultation company with over 10 years of experience working with businesses of all sizes improve their marketing strategies.

Our Marketing Strategy Process

At MarketingModo, our process consists of:

  • Discussing your objectives, targeted market, audience and competition
  • Evaluating your existing marketing and web presence
  • Analyzing your web traffic and online campaign performance if you have exiting web analytics
  • Focusing on areas that we can improve, innovating and assessing what can be integrated into your digital strategy
  • Selecting the best marketing channels to build into your online marketing strategy

After these steps we will create your customized, results-driven online marketing strategy. If you don’t have web analytics we can set up you up with Google Analytics which will enable you to make strategic, data supported decisions. MarketingModo has all the tools you might need from PPC and SEO to Social Media and Local Marketing and more. All at your disposal! This comprehensive and holistic approach has proven time and again to dramatically increase web traffic, campaign performance and social media presence, all while boosting sales.

What Makes MarketingModo Different

Our goal is to be the best data-driven marketing strategy consulting agency on the planet! Unlike other marketing companies, we operate from the perspective of a business owner and treat your business as though it were our own. We also strive to provide futureproof your marketing strategies. So, whether you need someone to review your entire marketing plan and strategy or just a quick snapshot of some low hanging fruit for your marketing team to handle, MarketingModo is at your service!

We strive to provide superior service by offering the following to all our Marketing Strategy clients:

  •  A dedicated full-stack marketing consultant trained and experienced in a wide range of digital marketing disciplines.
  • A support team that includes analysts, web designers and developers.
  • Affordable consulting packages tailored to your budget. Good and successful marketing consulting shouldn’t just be available to businesses with large budgets. At MarketingModo we are all about the underdog!
  • Futureproof: It is frightening how many “marketing consulting companies” still provide clients with outdated recommendations or the same old cookie-cutter suggestions that you can get by researching online. MarketingModo is on the cutting edge of digital marketing and we will give you recommendations and feedback we have found over 10 years of doing digital marketing for dozens of different business verticals.

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