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What is your brand saying about you?

Your Branding Experts

Do you need a brand created from scratch or refinement of your existing brand? If so, the branding services from MarketingModo are for you. Just starting a new business or organization and need a brand created from scratch or perhaps you have a logo but not a “brand”? At MarketingModo we will work with you on establishing your brand identity and will provide everything you need from logos and styleguides to full brand strategies. MarketingModo is your partner in branding and brand development.

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Your Brand Is Your Business. What Is It Saying?

Your organization’s brand is the cornerstone upon which your organization or business will be built and sustained. Regardless if you are a small business, nonprofit or even a municipality that recognizes the power of having a brand, you need a strong and consistent brand but, what is a brand? Some people think a brand is a logo and while a logo is a single aspect of a brand, it is not the brand itself. Your brand includes a logo, color palette, font and typography, brand voice and personality and message. Its a lot more than just a logo. Whether you are a new business seeking to create a brand for itself or an established business that has a logo but would like a brand to go along with it, MarketingModo is at your service.

The brand designers at MarketingModo will work with you on establishing a brand that will take your business to the next level. We will work with you on understanding your goals, objectives and mission. We have done complete brand builds as well as provided various branding documents that may be missing from your organization such as your brand style guide. If you need branding and brand identity development, you need MarketingModo!

Our Brand Development Process

First you will be assigned a dedicated Project manager to oversee the entire branding project. They will kick off your brand development with a discovery meeting where will will get to know you, your budget, your business, its goals and objectives. We will also be looking at some of your competitor’s websites as well as websites you have indicated that you liked to understand their branding as well as to identify areas where they are weak so we can establish a brand advantage for your organization. With that information we will develop a proposal for you to approve.

Next, our branding experts and designers will put together a series of mockups for your new brand which we will share with you for initial feedback. Once you approve of the new branding design it is time to show the world! We can provide you with the materials so that you can launch the new brand yourself or, if applicable, you can have us help you with the brand launch.


Why Hire a Branding Company to Do Your Brand Development?

Most business owners do not have the time to dedicate towards designing and developing an entire brand from scratch. If you don’t have a marketing team because this is a new venture – than you don’t have the expertise available in-house to brand your business. You have many things to do to establish and grow your business rather than selecting which font or background pattern looks best on your site.  Most agencies and certainly most freelancers do not have the expertise to brand your business. Many focus on logo design only so you won’t get a complete guideline for your brand.

For these reasons, you need the MarketingModo branding team. Not only will we create a memorable brand for you including all materials you will need to sustain the brand and keep it consistent but we will also develop a brand for you in as cost-effective manner as possible. We are proud to work with businesses and organizations that have smaller budgets because we feel these organizations need the branding help the most.

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