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Ready For A Redesign?

At some point, every business and organization needs to redo their website. A good business knows that their website needs a complete redesign every 5 years just to keep things fresh but let’s face it, redesigns can be difficult and if you don’t do it right it can hurt your SEO. If you turn to a reliable website redesign company such as MarketingModo, your redesign can help boost your bottom line, increase conversion rates and lets you better connect with your customers and leads. MarketingModo is your partner in website redesign.

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Do A Site Redesign The Right Way

Updating your website with a new and better design can significantly improve the performance metrics on your site as for your business as a whole. A standard best practice is that a company should redo their website every 5 years to keep the content fresh. A website is your introduction to the digital world and in most cases is the first impression to your prospects and you want it to be a good impression. An outdated site that looks as though it was made in the 1990s and not updated since raises serious credibility concerns in the mind of the visitor. A website redesign helps you avoid that by taking the latest web design trends and practices into account so that your website meets visitor expectations 100% of the time. A redesign of your site can have major positive effects on your business but it is far from easy.

A website redesign is more than just changing the look of your website. Did you look at the site architecture to see if you can improve the site hierarchy? Did you look at the conversion funnels your customers go through on your site? Did you look at the SEO aspects of website redesign? How are you going to design the site Рwill it be on a development site or will you be making live changes? Did you consider UX implications of a redesign? These are just some of the questions you need to address when considering a website redesign. Its certainly  lot to look at and do you really have the time and do you want to trust a freelancer to make those kinds of decisions?

The site redesign experts at MarketingModo will work with you on creating a new site design for your business or organization that you and your customers will love. We will work with you on understanding your goals and objectives so we build a new site for you that meets those goals. We will also look through your analytics to see what design elements are working and which are not. Unlike freelancers, we offer a full team of redesign experts including web designers, web developers, UX and SEO experts and unlike most agencies, we can provide you with all of this at a cost-effective price point. You won’t have to sell a kidney just to get a new design for your website. We work with organizations and budgets of all sizes and we take great pride in working with smaller budgets for businesses that most agencies would ignore. If you are looking for a website redesign, you need MarketingModo!

What Platforms Do You Work With?

At MarketingModo we are big WordPress fans! So, if your current website is on the WordPress platform – we’ve got you covered! We also do work on a number of other CMS platforms including Drupal, Joomla, GoDaddy Website Builder just to name a few. In most cases, if you have a site on it, we can work with it or move you over to a more universal platform. We also do ecommerce website redesign as well. Want to see if we can work with your platform? Ask Us Today!

What Is Your Pricing?

We like to try to work with the budget you have available. We fully believe that a good website should not be a available only to those with large budgets which forces many with smaller budgets to turn to free or cookiecutter-type website builders. We have done complete website redesigns for as low as $2000 including a fully optimized site, security software, etc though the final pricing will also depend on the size of the size but in all cases we try to work with the budget you have as much as possible.

Our Redesign Process

First, you will be assigned a dedicated Project manager to oversee the entire redesign project. They will kick off your¬† project with a discovery meeting where will will get to know you, your budget, your business, its goals and objectives. We will also be looking at some of your competitor’s websites as well as websites you have indicated that you liked to check out some of their design elements. With that information we will develop a proposal for you to approve.

Next, our web designers will put together a series of mockups and wireframes for your new site design which we will share with you for initial feedback. Next, our web developers will create a fully- functional site for you to check out. We will do this on our own private development space so no one will see your new design expect you! Once you approve of the new site design it is time to show the world! Our team will work with you on establishing the timeline for deployment of the new site design and we will do so with a minimal of downtime for your site – we will even do the transition to the new design on the weekend if that is what works best for you.

Why Hire An Outside Company to Do Your Redesign?

Most business owners and most marketing teams simply do not have the time to dedicate towards website redesign projects simply because of the amount of effort involved with everything from template and page design to content creation. If you have an inhouse creative and marketing team they most likely do not have the time to stop what they are doing from an acquisition and retention standpoint to focus exclusively on a redesign project. This causes the project timeline to become extended. Most agencies and certainly most freelancers do not have the expertise to do redesigns. Many focus on web design or web development only and few know how to make sure that your new site is optimized for SEO.

For these reasons, you need the MarketingModo web redesign team!

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