Think Civic Plus' Pricing Is Too High?

We couldn't agree more!

We all know that it is important for your local government or municipality to have a website but, don’t get raked over the coals for it. Some major design firms such as CivicPlus offers local government websites at extremely high prices -$10,000+. Don’t get us wrong, you get some pretty cool features however these features are more geared to larger cities and municipalities leaving the smaller towns, boroughs and cities to design their own sites or rely on local developers who know just enough to do damage to your site.

You will also find competing local government website design agencies offer lower but still high price points (mostly due to them offering their own hosting, CMS and more) and this still makes having a website a very high investment for small towns.

At MarketingModo we utilize WordPress as our CMS of choice. WordPress is free so the cost of a custom CMS is not added to your bill. It also integrated with tens of thousands of free or inexpensive plugins that can replicate the exact functionality that you are paying the big bucks for at CivicPlus or Town Web. We also do not provide hosting as we firmly believe that the municipality should control both its domain name as well as hosting. All of these additional expenses you won’t find with MarketingModo and this allows us to offer local government websites to small towns and cities at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Website Design For Small to Medium Size Towns

At MarketingModo, we design websites for small and medium-sized towns, cities and boroughs. Our sites are designed with these types of municipalities in mind. MarketingModo came from a small town in Pennsylvania and we know the challenges facing your local government. We want to help. By focusing exclusively on small to medium size municipalities, replacing expensive proprietary CMSs and tools with inexpensive plugins that perform the same exact function,  we are able to keep costs lower, a savings that we’re able to pass onto our customers who finally have a chance to getting their local government websites online for a fraction of what it would cost if they went with someone else.

What Will You Get With MarketingModo?

Complete Control Over Your Hosting

Unlike some of our competitors, we won’t make you switch over to a hosting platform that we control. We believe that local government officials should have complete control over their domain name as well as their hosting platform. This control allows you to switch relationships without jeopardizing your website.

Free World-Class CMS

Why go to someone’s proprietary and custom (not to mention expensive) CMS when WordPress is free and is one of the world’s most popular content management systems that integrated with nearly everything. WordPress dashboards are not only easy to use but they are also customization for your specific needs.

Websites At A Price You Can Afford

A standard municipal website for a town seeking basic functionality should not have to cost your municipality (and your taxpayers) $10,000+. At MarketingModo, we do not believe in charging you for proprietary systems, features and functionality that can be provided by inexpensive and constantly updated plugins provided by the world’s top developers. We pass all of those savings to you.

Unbeatable Pricing

Web design quotes from CivicPlus and many other local government web design agencies typically start at $10,000 and can go up from there. What they usually charge for hosting can be hundreds of dollars per month. On top of this, many of the individual modules that they feature cost extra.

CivicPlus offers a feature-laden content management system, it is more of a fit  for larger municipalities and cities with an in-house staff to manage the site. However, they, and many others, offer features that small towns really do not need or cannot afford.

At MarketingModo, we focus on small to medium-sized towns. Therefore, we provide all of the features that are needed for smaller towns to establish and grow their presence online and have the price-point to match. We will also work with you on the budget you have available.

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