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Helping Your Startup Stand Apart From The Crowd

A Good Startup Needs A Good Brand

Your branding is the first impression your startup company makes – what is it saying to your customers? From logos and brand style guidelines to rebranding and visual identity development, MarketingModo’s team of branding experts will get your brand on point and will help set your startup apart from the crowd.

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Our Logo Design & Branding Services for Startups:

Logo Design

Need a logo but are tired of cookie cutter designs or clipart? Our logo design experts will work with you on designing a logo you and your customers will love.

Branding Development

Perhaps you have a logo but nothing else or need a complete brand created from scratch. Its a common enough dilemma for many startup businesses. From brand styleguides to brand strategy, we have your branding needs covered.


Your existing brand no longer working for your startup? Team up with the MarketingModo brand experts to give your brand a fresh start. From logo design and color palettes to brand personality and more – MarketingModo is your startup rebranding expert

Logo Design for Startups

Every startup needs a top-notch logo design. Many startups usually have to make due with clipart or cookie-cutter logo designs but nothing is more lethal to a startup than an amateur logo. Many startups utilize the services of a freelance graphic designer but freelancers are usually looking for a gig and don’t take the time to know your business – they just create you a logo. At MarketingModo we are your partner in Logo Design and Development for your startup. We will learn about your business and take your existing brand guidelines into consideration when developing your logo so your logo is consistent with your overall brand. We are so dedicated to your brand that we won’t create a logo if you don’t have a brand guide for us to follow. We are brand builders and not just a logo factory. If you don’t have a brand guide than we highly recommend you consider our branding service.

Startup Branding and Brand Identity

A brand is more than just a logo. A brand is an experience and includes a color palette, iconography, brand fonts and type, brand personality and tone of voice – all part of brand identity. Usually all of these aspects are contained within a brand style guide to maintain the consistency of the brand. Most startup companies don’t have a brand style guide, most in fact have just a logo. MarketingModo offers startups affordable Branding and Brand Identify Services that include all these parts of your brand. We are your branding partner.

Startup Rebranding Service

Does your startup need to pivot and develop a new brand design and identity? A good brand evolves and changes as time goes on. Look at some of the most iconic brands today and see the process of their evolution through time. A brand is not meant to be static because static leads to stagnant and as a startup, your business, products, services and audience will change as you grow larger. MarketingModo’s rebranding team is at your service! We will not only create a new brand for your business but will help you transition your old brand to the new one.

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