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Need Help Rebranding Your Business? If so, the rebranding services from MarketingModo are for you. Let’s face it, brands sometimes needs to change so that the business can adapt to changing marketplaces but rebranding needs to be done carefully so you do not alienate your established customers. At MarketingModo we will work with you on creating a new brand for your organizations that will leave you even more stronger than before. MarketingModo is your partner in rebranding.

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Good Brands Need Refreshing

Any good business person will tell you that there is no such thing as a static brand. Brands are living, breathing creations that must change as your organization’s competitive environment changes. Don’t believe us? Just look at how Coca-Cola has changed over the years:

As marketplaces change and as the competitive environment and audiences of your business change, you brand needs to change with them and more often than not, it is more than just changing a logo. The simple act of changing or updating your logo requires a complete review of your brand to ensure that it still supports and is consistent with the logo. In most cases, a complete rebranding is necessary. If this is the situation that your organization is in than you need the rebranding experts at MarketingModo!

The rebranding experts at MarketingModo will work with you on establishing a new or updated brand that will take your business to the next level. We will work with you on understanding your goals, objectives and mission. We will discuss where your brand was and where you would like it to go to. We have done complete rebrandings before (from logo design and development to complete brand style guides) as well as provided various branding documents that may be missing from your organization as you rebrand. If you need a new or refreshed brand for your business, you need MarketingModo!

Our Rebranding Process

First you will be assigned a dedicated Project manager to oversee the entire rebranding project. They will kick off your rebranding project with a discovery meeting where will will get to know you, your budget, your business, its goals and objectives. We will also be looking at some of your competitor’s websites as well as websites you have indicated that you liked to understand their branding. With that information we will develop a proposal for you to approve.

Next, our brand designers will put together a series of mockups for your new brand which we will share with you for initial feedback. Once you approve of the new branding design it is time to show the world! We can provide you with the materials so that you can launch the new brand yourself or, if applicable, you can have us help you with the brand launch.


Why Hire An Outside Company to Do Your Rebranding?

Most business owners do not have the time to dedicate towards rebranding projects simply because of the amount of effort involved with everything from logo design to selecting the font you want to use, the copy tone and message you want to adopt, etc. If you have an inhouse creative and marketing team they most likely do not have the time to stop what they are doing from an acquisition and retention standpoint to focus exclusively on a rebranding project. This causes the project timeline to become extended. Most agencies and certainly most freelancers do not have the expertise to do a rebranding. Many focus on logo design only so you won’t get a complete guideline for your brand.

For these reasons, you need the MarketingModo rebranding team. Not only will we create a fresh and updated brand for you including all materials you will need to sustain the brand and keep it consistent but we will also develop a brand for you in as cost-effective manner as possible. We are proud to work with businesses and organizations that have smaller budgets because we feel these organizations need the branding help the most. We also work fast. Your marketing and creative team can keep doing what they are doing while we focus entirely on your rebranding efforts.

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