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If You’re In PA and You Need Internet Marketing, You need MarketingModo!

Online Marketing is more than driving qualified traffic to your site. It’s about building relationships with customers, generating buzz, and developing a loyal base of repeat customers. It is the lifeblood of your business. Pennsylvania is our state. MarketingModo got started in PA and we know that the keystone state offers a unique competitive environment for businesses in the region. Bordered by West Virginia, Maryland, New York and New Jersey as well as home to the metropolises of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania offers a unique set of challenges for small businesses, nonprofits and local governments. MarketingModo understands those challenges and is proud to offer online and digital marketing services to organizations throughout the state from Erie to Philadelphia and from Scranton to Pittsburgh.

Digital and Online marketing can be an intimating territory: so many acronyms to learn and networks to explore. Don’t miss out on implementing or discovering lucrative channels because you don’t have the time or know how. Let MarketingModo help with internet marketing strategies customized to your business. From online marketing to web design, branding, strategy and analytics, MarketingModo is your end to end partner for online marketing.

Take a second to get a better look at the digital marketing services we provide for our clients. Just click on the links below to get to where you want to go. And then when you’re ready for your organization to succeed online, Contact Us Today below. Let’s work together to help your business or organization shine online.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Help visitors find your business through Google, Yahoo & Bing

Social Media Marketing

Make deeper connections with your audience with social media

Content Marketing

Great content equals more traffic and more traffic equals more sales

PPC - Paid Search Marketing

Drive search traffic and awareness with Paid Search

Paid Social

Get greater awareness with promoted content on social media

Comparative Shopping Engines

Make sure your products show up in search with CSEs

Email Marketing

Stay connected with your customers and prospects with email marketing

Mobile Marketing

4 billion people have a mobile phone. Are you reaching them?

Local Marketing

Put your business on the digital road map with local marketing

On behalf of our company, I’d like to thank you for the fantastic work you have done for us. We are highly impressed!
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What Is Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing, how is it different from traditional marketing and why do Pennsylvania businesses need digital marketing in their marketing mix? Your organization has business goals and objectives ranging from strict revenue growth through acquisition and retention whether by ecommerce sales or lead generation, brand and mission awareness, mindreach, reputation management to ideological influence. Both traditional and digital marketing help you achieve those goals.   Whereas traditional marketing uses direct mail, catalogs, TV commercials, billboards and radio spots to get its message across, online or digital marketing promotes brands strictly using the internet and digital media. It covers a wide range of practices – from positing on social media via your company’s Facebook page or Twitter profile to making sure your website is ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Unlike traditional marketing, which is more locally focused, digital marketing relies on the entire World Wide Web to get your brand message across. This means a much bigger canvas to work with a certainly a much larger audience. It also means a greater chance of getting the results your business needs in order to survive and grow. Pennsylvania’s small businesses are key to the state’s well-being. With nearly 1 million small businesses within the commonwealth, small businesses employ over 2.5 million people in Pennsylvania which is over 47% of the private labor workforce in the state, small business play an importance role in the overall economic health of Pennsylvania. Because of this, these businesses need to continue the record of growth and digital marketing is the way to do it.

Our Process

We strategize, we optimize and we maximize your marketing ROI. A skilled and seasoned member of our digital marketing team will be appointed as your personal marketing specialist. This expert hands on approach sets MarketingModo apart from all other marketing agencies. We don’t focus on maximizing your spending. We aim to maximize your results. Our goal is to create marketing campaigns that convert and to do that we will have a discovery session as part of our project onboarding during which we will learn about your organization, your business goals and objectives and translate those goals into digital marketing strategies. At MarketingModo we believe in 100% transparency. You will never be left in the dark and wondering what is going on. We are proactive in our reporting and status updates meaning you will know everything going on at every step.

Pennsylvania Digital Marketing

The Keystone State offers many opportunities for businesses, nonprofits and the various municipalities within the commonwealth to grow.Most towns have their own local marketing agencies but many of these local agencies offer lower quality marketing services and more than a few know just enough to be dangerous. They may be inexpensive but do you have the experience, skillset and quality your need for your organization. Another option for Pennsylvania businesses is to turn to larger agencies in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh – you’ll certainly get good quality work from these large agencies (if they even bother to look at you) but quality comes with a rather staff price that many Pennsylvania businesses cannot afford or justify. MarketingModo is a Pennsylvania marketing company and we know that you need top quality work without breaking the bank. We offer all the services that the large agencies do but at local agency pricing. With over 10 years helping other organizations throughout Pennsylvania we are ready to help you take your digital marketing to the next level.

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