Bakery Marketing & Web Design

Providing Bakery Marketing Solutions

Search Engine Optimization

Help visitors find your bakery through Google, Yahoo & Bing.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Drive traffic and awareness with Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

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Social Media Marketing

Make deeper connections with social media marketing.

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Mobile Marketing

4 billion people have a mobile phone. Have you gone mobile?

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Content Marketing

Great content equals more traffic. More traffic equals more awareness.

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CSE Management

While typically used for retail, some bakeries sell branded products via CSEs.

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Local Marketing

Put your bakery on the digital roadmap with local marketing.

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Email Marketing

Stay connected with your customers with email marketing.

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Site Analytics

Make better decisions for your bakery with site analytics.

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Don’t know where to start? No Problem. Let us help develop your online strategy.

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Web Design

Make a great first impression with a great looking website.

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Make your bakery stand out with exceptional branding.

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MarketingModo is your partner for bakery marketing.

Croissants, muffins and pies Oh My! The small town bakery is making a big comeback but still, starting,building and maintaining a bakery is hard work and the hardest of all is marketing and promoting your new business and then maintaining that growth. Let the small business experts at MarketingModo help make your bakery a success with our bakery marketing services. MarketingModo provides all the necessary tools and channels that a small bakery would need to grow. From PPC and SEO to Web Design and Mobile Marketing, MarketingModo does it all!

MarketingModo is an agency that doesn’t mind your limited budget. Our experts will work with you on developing a custom solution based on your business needs. MarketingModo is not just an agency, we are your partner in marketing success! Now that we are good friends, can we have some chocolate chip muffins?

Many other agencies wouldn’t even look at my pastry shop because they never did marketing for a bakery before. MarketingModo took us on and it has been fantastic.

-Lizzy B
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No one gets small business like we do

MarketingModo understands our small business clients entirely. In fact, we started off as a small business so we are very aware of what is needed in those crucial first years as well as what it takes to maintain growth. You can rest assured that MarketingModo will stand by your business.